Passing the Russian border

Procedure for border passing and necessary documents

Required documents for crossing the border with the vehicle:

  • passport;
  • valid Russian visa;
  • Driving license (possession of international driving rights is not mandatory, but welcomed);
  • veicle registration certificate (original);
  • certificate of ownership (copy);
  • green card;
  • insurance.
  • 2 copies of the completed Declaration. To speed up the procedure, it is better to fill out the declaration in advance, print it on 2 sides of one sheet and take it with you. If you have not filled out or forgotten the declaration, the form can be taken right at border points.


  • 2 copies of Migration card (for entry and exit).


Migration Card can be obtained only on the Russian border in the "window" in the ms office. Migration card for exit with a seal must be kept for the entire period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. When leaving, these sheets are again stamped on the border and remain with the customs service.

Migration Card (front)
Migration Card (back)

Green card

Green card for a trip to Russia can and should be obtained at your insurance company where the motorcycle is insured, in this case the Green card is free.

If, for some reason, there is no Green card, then it will have to be bought right on the Russian border, and it will cost about 50 euros. The price can vary.


It is advisable to have Hull insurance and inform your insurance company in advance that they will enter Russia, since some insurance companies want to have information that you will go to Russia, it is important to do this!

Peaking up on the Border

St.Petersburg Harley® Days Festival team will organize the simplified order of passing of the border for motorcyclists. Our guests will be welcomed by members of Leningrad Chapter H.O.G. in Torfyanovka (Vaalimaa) points and Ivangorod/Narva.

Please, send your requests till 30.07.18.

Groups will be formed to a certain time and your data will be sent to the custom points for quicker border passing.

All application forms, requests and questions should be send to following address –


Passing the Russian border

Passing the Russian border

Passing the Russian border

Passing the Russian border

Application for participation - Passing the Russian border

Passing the Russian border

Application for participation - Passing the Russian border

Заявка на участие - Passing the Russian border


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